LOIAL - TOO LAte track release 1st march 2019

video premiere on kajal mag

interview gal-dem

"experimental, beguiling, beautiful and life changing"- Bobby Friction, BBC Asian Network

"sublime and intoxicating" - sweety kapoor

 "powerful, beautifully unique, Haunting and Enticing " Steve Chandra Sonic, ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION

Premiered on Sweety Kapoor's wanderland radio show 25th July 2018 as independent artist of the week.

Playlisted by Bobby Friction on BBC Asian Network from 6th August 2018

previously FRONT-WOMAN OF LO FREQ AND released alongside cinematic orchestra, sia, matthew herbert, rjd2, the bad plus, meshell ndegeocello.

“Lo Freq confidently traverse planes of lush and layered sonic landscape. Lilting voices, intricate acoustic guitar and soft sweeping electronics merge to form a full and perfectly finished sound. A beautiful new emergence from East London."
- Millie Ross – CLASH

“Avoiding the howling feedback and over-amped guitars of the original, Lo Freq turn “Blow Out” into a gentle lilting acoustic track, before it blossoms into a gentle house number. Comparable to the best that Morcheeba and Zero 7 had to offer, Reeta Loi's emotive vocals wrap beautifully around Yorke’s “Everything I touch turns to stone”. 
Only as the tempo increases does the polished production and tasteful guitar of brothers Michael and Jamie Perera come to the fore. Blow Out is Lo Freq’s BBE debut from a band that were formerly known as Amberfilter. The only band to choose a track from Radiohead’s own debut, “Blow Out” reveals Lo Freq as a band to watch.”
- Andy Morris – GQ